Lightbox - Fyndiq (HÄR), nätstrumpbyxor - Jfr (HÄR), jeans - Levis (HÄR).

Tog lite bilder imorse i brist på annat. Fan va livet hade varit lättare om man hade en egen make up artist, stylist och fotograf hemma - fattar ni hur mycket snyggare jag hade varit och hur mycket bättre min blogg hade varit? Haha ibland får man drömma och önska lite. Tills dess får jag bara försöka hitta tid och kämpa på..

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Ohh, noo, thia isn't true! I like you and your blog because you're so natural, you don't use alot of make-up and you don't show us just make-up! How can I say better? In a world full of makeup girls that looks so pretty and when they removes their makeup everything changes, you're like "OMG, is this her?", you are different in a very very good good way! Personally, I really like you, your style, even your facial features (btw, you don't show them enough, I am so jealous on your eyes, haha). To conclude, you're SUPER beautiful and natural and your blog is fine! My advice is you should be more confident because, girl, you're HOT! Don't listen to them, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate! I wrote so much, jeez! Sorry, haha! Have a nice day! xoxo ♥
Hi Antonia! Omg thank you so much, this comment made my day <3 thank you, thank you and thank you! Have a nice day. xoxo